Kelsey E. Hayes

Executive Board Member

Kelsey Elizabeth Hayes serves as an Executive Board Member and the social media publicity chair. Kelsey is a Junior, Psychology major at Spelman College in Atlanta, Georgia. Following her matriculation through Spelman, she intends to earn a master’s degree in education while teaching at the high school or middle school levels, then continuing her education by earning a PhD in Educational Psychology, and ultimately, teaching Educational Psychology at the university level. Like her sister Olivia, Kelsey is passionate about education and equality and believes that every person has the God-given, irrefutable right to learn. Kelsey was inducted in the Spelman College Chapter of the Georgia Association of Educators where she plans to continue to advocate for education and equal treatment with other like-minded individuals. Kelsey treasures the bond she shared with Olivia and aspires to continue her sister’s legacy by cultivating inclusive educational experiences and advocating for the values that Olivia held dear to her heart.